Essay one: the voice of an anonymous memorie

There are always that kind of memories that you can achieve by mean of years and years of meeting people, that kind of people that suddenly becomes your friend, but when something force you to share a fleeting piece of your life with unknown people, the memories created and the experiences lived are undescriptible.

First, people living a short experience of sharing life with unknown people are always genuine. After a few experiences sharing all my time with strangers (some with longer period of time than anothers) the only fact that has never changed is that people in that cases are the most honest in the world, they don't use masks, they don't try to pretend to be anyone different who they really are, there's no a perfect explanation about that, but the reality is that when people know that the most probably is that after that period of time you will never see again that people you just don't try to be nice just for beeing nice, you stop trying to be cool just for being cool, and in that moment you realize that you have the chance to be yourself and the only thing you can and you want to do is to be honest.

Furthermore, everything what happened in that timeshare with strangers becomes a kind of special secret memory that can't be share with others. The reason of that is not because anyone who was involved in that experiences will never talk about them, but even if someone tell something or try very hard to explain what happened, people who wasn't in that moments could never understand or know what really was to live that experiences.

The worst part ever, the part that no one is enough brave to accept while everything is happening is that everyone is going to want to pretend that nothing happened. No matter how good was all, no matter how strong you could connect with someone else's soul, no matter how many promises everyone did, is always to painful to coming back to the reality and still trying to handle the real you. At the end, everyone decides to forget all as a way for coming back to the life that they used to live before. 

Is not possible to describe the real feeling about sharing day to day your life with people who start beeing strangers for you and end being important pieces of your life. May be because in that piece of your life you surely showed the most honest part of you that you never were confident to show to someone else, or may be because you really believe in the fact that even if you try the truth still being that "only whom was there will smile".